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About RazzleEdit

Razzle is one of two of Lord Erion's General, Cyborg's underlings. His power level is currently unknown at the moment. His alien race is also unknown at the moment but it is believed he, Sizzle, and Cyborg are from the Absalon Empire, making them either the same race or in the same category. Whether they all three are Saiyans remains a mystery. His appearance is that of a feline-like creature, with large flappy ears, and red eyes. His armor seems to be that of a Saiyan's, colored black/dark gray/white with gray under-armor. He also carries a sword on his back. Whether he uses this weapon more than his powers is still unknown as in Episode 2, as he engages Trunks in a sword fight, he proves to be a worthy swordsman as he blocks and counters Trunks' every attack, while Trunks was  using his future self's sword, forcing Razzle to retreat. He first appears in Episode 1 alongside Cyborg and Sizzle, traveling through space, heading towards Earth. General Cyborg assigns Sizzle and Razzle different missions to complete. Razzle's mission is to open a Portal Gate to allow the entrance of 3 new Saiyans and he is seen trying to find the dragon balls. He then gets caught and cornered by Goten and Trunks. By this time, Razzle has already prepared the Portal Gate and tells Goten and Trunks to "make way for the most powerful beings in the Universe.....the Saiyans", to which Goten and Trunks are shocked to hear and find out. When Future Trunks arrives and gives his sword to Trunks he easily pushes Razzle back, making him retreat. As of Episode 2, Razzle is not seen again after the sword fight with Trunks.


Razzle is known for his weird and strange lines in dragon ball absalon and is found to be annoying and crazy, yet, ruthless and dangerous. He seems to speak alot in a squeaky-like voice. Not much is known about it him yet but he is just a underling and a elite fighter. He seems to have a rivalry with Sizzle. Whether this is to impress Cyborg or not, it seems their rivalry extends way beyond the events of Dragon Ball Absalon. He seems to be a type of person that has to show and demonstrate rather than talk and describe. This is implied when him and Sizzle get into a small argument about killing humans (which is prohibited), to which Sizzle says, "Shut up you fool! Don't make me break you in half", to which Razzle replies, "Oooohhhh, Razzle so scared...Sizzle always seems to forget...actions speak louder than words..."

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