Sizzle is one of two of the underlings of Lord Erion's General, Cyborg. His power level is currently unknown at the moment. His alien race is currently unknown also as of Episodes 1 and 2 but it is believed he, Razzle, and Cyborg could have came from the Absalon Empire and could fall in the same race or same category. It is not clarified whether they all three are Saiyans themselves. His appearance shows him to don a modified version of Saiyan armor with a red/silver chest plate and silver shoulders, with a silver helmet on his head, with black under-armor of some sort. It is implied that he and Razzle seem to have a rivalry against each other to either impress Cyborg or something much more.


He arrives with Cyborg, along with Razzle, on Earth to seek more saiyans for capture or recruitment. Cyborg instructs his two right-hand men with different tasks to complete. Sizzle's assignment is to find and locate Broly's crashed Saiyan Pod. He eventually finds Broly's saiyan pod in a snowy region somewhere on Earth and sends the information and coordinates to General Cyborg. Right after this transpires, Majuub arrives, taunts, and fights him. Sizzle is suprised by his strengnth stating some humans have powers but don't know how to use them. He thens talks about how Majuub would be good for recruitment and should join the Absalon Empire. Majuub then asks him why he is here and Sizzle responds that he is not here to shed blood of the humans because that is prohibited, so far, their only motives are to recruit or capture more Saiyans for the Absalon Empire and for their ruler, Lord Erion. He then engages in a battle with Majuub. As of Episode 2, it is not clarified who won their battle or if they are still battling, as right before it began, the scene cuts to another different scene after the opening.

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