Trunks is the first and onlynot son of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs. When Goku left with Shenron Trunks and the Z-fighters trained for 12 years to protect the earth. When the Saiyan recruiters arrive, Trunks and Goten confront Razzle, Purika, Kara, and Lord Erion. When Goten leaves to fight with Purika and Kara Trunks is given a sword by future Trunks and battles Razzle in a duel Trunks easily defeats Razzle. He is shown to be able to sense powerlevels and want to protect the earth.

Personel InformationEdit

Name : Trunks 

Race: 1/2 saiyan 1/2 human 

Date of birth: age 766 

Date of death: none (revived) 


Alliance : Z fighters , Kikinjutsu sword school 

Family  Edit

Vegeta : father 

Bulma Briefs: mother 

Future Trunks : Future counterpart 

Dr.Briefs: grandfather 

Mrs.Briefs: grandmother 

King Vegeta : Paternal grandfather 

Tights : aunt 

Gotten: best friend/fuse 

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